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Whether you are dealing with unexpected crisis or just juggling routine, the conflicting demands of achieving a comfortable balance between work, personal and family life often feels out of reach and even impossible. The Beachcomber is here to counsel you, on dealing with and solving problems at home, work, school, and anywhere else. We will help you to work towards solutions, so that you are never stuck in a problem.

We provide affordable, compassionate, innovative and evidenced based counseling services, and offer monthly, and yearly memberships based on your individual, couple or family needs.  We are committed to the path of personal development. All individuals are active participants in unfolding their potential. Your self–determination will actualize your capacity to grow and change. We will provide a nurturing and empowering environment to promote a positive change in actions and attitudes so you will be closer to your vision of contentment: A happy and balanced lifestyle.

We offer traditional office and outpatient rehab therapy for all individuals, couples, and groups.

The primary purpose of counseling is to have a discussion of the concerns that made you decide to seek help. Now that you have made the choice to proceed with some continuing professional care, we would like to take this opportunity to describe a few matters to you.  Some of them may be of practical concern to you as you begin the work that lies ahead.  

Your journey in psychotherapy will soon begin because you want to make some changes in your life.  An attempt will be made to help you to achieve goals, but it cannot be guaranteed that the outcome will be what you now seek.  This is because the work depends in part on your sustained commitment, flexibility, and even sometimes your courage. You may also find that new knowledge and perspectives emerging in your sessions may modify your notions about what you need to achieve or about what might be beneficial for you.  And finally, because counseling work is always part art as it is part science, it may not move you in precisely those directions you anticipate; you may have to bear with some feelings of frustration or confusion.


These sessions may sometimes be trying for you. Change is often accompanied by feeling states that can be distressing and by periods of some internal turbulence.  As the work goes forward, you may experience moments of frustration, some anxiety, feelings of depression, increased self doubt, and episodes of feeling conflicted about some of the issues in your life.  In the end, you may come to the conclusion of the work you have done here and find that many things about your life that you had not originally anticipated may have altered:  some of your values and beliefs, your view of your past, the nature of your relationships in which you engage, your career aspirations and/or your wishes for your future, to mention only a few of the possible alterations that might result from your sessions.  Whatever will be the path of your counseling, we will do our best to make sure that we are good companions.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a minimum of 10 hours of treatment a week including group and individual therapy. Designed for the client who is living at home or in sober housing and requires flexible scheduling options due to work or schooling.

The Beachcomber Residential and Outpatient programs work closely with the accreditation and licensing agencies in our industry.  The Beachcomber regularly meets with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCF), a Florida state agency, for an audit of our program, personnel and systems to ensure we adhere to the requirements of the State of Florida for addiction rehabilitation programs and fulfill licensing requirements.  This is conducted every two years with an onsite review of our programs and facilities. 

In addition to DCF licensing we also work with the Joint Commission which is an acceditation organization for Healthcare facilities.  Our programs have been accredited by the Joint Commission since shortly after we opened for treatment in 1976. An onsite inspection of our programs and facilities is conducted every three years.

Our clinicians, programs and processes are scrutinized by the Joint Commission to ensure we adhere to the highest standards expected of a quality program, like ours, in the healthcare field of today.

Outpatient Therapy & Rehab Center

Let's start healing today.

Joe Bryan began working at the Beachcomber in 1980, shortly after the Beachcomber opened. He followed in the path of his father, James Bryan, who founded the facility in 1976 and whose career spanned decades of leadership in the field of alcoholism and addiction treatment. Jim began making changes at the Beachcomber as plans for retirement dawned. It was then his son, Joe expressed interest in management. With a degree in business administration from Florida Atlantic University, Joe was ready for the health care career that followed. He began as our Outreach Director and Community Spokesman, and learned the importance of a “homelike atmosphere.” He noted how residents responded positively to the program and felt ready to share his knowledge with a broad range of referral agencies.

By 1992, Joe advanced to Program Director with Jim Bryan available for consultation, and in 2005 Joe became the Executive Director. Joe also has had numerous positions in the recovery community beginning as treasurer for the local chapter of South Florida Employee Assistant Program in 2001-’02, he also held numerous positions at the Employee Assistant Program of Florida including acting President for 2007 – 09 and President for 2009 – 2011. Joe was also awarded the Clinician of the year Award in 2011 for Palm Beach County bestowed by Bob Bozzone, Executive Director of CARP (Comprehensive Alcoholism Rehabilitation Programs).

With over 50 years of experience with mental health and addiction, Joe Bryan and The Beachcomber is always here for you. "If there is something that we can't help you with, we will connect you with someone that can. Contact us any time, we'll help get you the help you need." ~Joe Bryan

During our journey towards your improvement, the battle within can be fought in multiple ways. Along with our therapy sessions, you can arm yourself with reading material that can be beneficial to your growth. Here are a few books that we recommend as an added benefit to our work together.




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